The Myth of Pushing

Catherine Carrigan
8 min readJun 10, 2022

There is a rhythm to everything under the sun.

The sun rises.

The sun sets.

Your heart beats.

Your breath rises and falls.

Are you living in harmony with natural rhythms?

This week, I have been working with two separate clients — a woman in a small country in the Caribbean and a CEO in the U.K. — who have been living and working balls to the walls.

The lady client in the Caribbean has been suffering from heart palpitations and anxiety so severe she has been unable to drive for years.

Despite following the advice of the nutritionist to the royal family, the CEO in the U.K. still struggles with exhaustion in the afternoons.

Many success coaches preach that you must push in order to be successful.

10X it!

Push. When pushing doesn’t work, push more!

You hear the yelling, screaming and chest pounding.

If only you just work harder than the next guy, you’ll get ahead, you’re told.

Before Christopher Columbus came along, many people believed the world was flat. Just because a lot of people believed that didn’t mean it was ever true.

You may believe you have to push, struggle, angst, grit your teeth, work 22 hours a day, strain, beat the other guy and generally grind your way through life to get to the topper most of the topper most.

Is that true?

Even if you get what you think you want — money, fame, outward success — how do you feel on the inside while living and working this way?

What if you could actually succeed without pushing?

What if you could simply tune into the natural rhythm of life and experience success by paying more attention to what really matters?

The lady in the Caribbean had apprenticed under her father, a workaholic who later succumbed to degenerative brain disease.

She had followed his example but the habit of overdoing everything was causing her heart palpitations that could not be totally alleviated by diet and exercise. Her anxiety was so severe she hadn’t wanted to get…

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