13 Great Ways to Cocreate in Social Media to Build Your Tribe Faster


One of the smartest ways to play the Game of Social Media is to cocreate with like-minded people.

What does it mean to cocreate?

When you cocreate, you work together with people in your industry to create content that will build each other’s tribes, thereby introducing each other to your respective audiences and expanding your potential reach for your books, products and services.

As you engage in win-win thinking, you create virtual teams across the social media where together everyone achieves more!

This is a highly effective social media strategy because you reach new audiences and build affinity across social networks.

Here are 13 great ways to cocreate in social media today:

  1. Cross blog. Post a blog for a friend on your website for every blog they post for you. This increases the number of links you have throughout the internet and makes it more likely that your friend’s followers will find out about you and vice versa. Here’s an example of a Notice how I included links back to her website, the place on Amazon where people can guy her book as well as a picture of the cover of her most recent book. This will help drive people to her website and help find new readers for her book. Meanwhile Lynne By cross blogging, you don’t always have to come up with something new to write about — just post blogs for your friends and they can share your information too.
  2. Share, retweet and repost. You create good karma with your social media connections every time you share, retweet and repost other people’s information. This makes it more likely they will share for you when you need help sharing your latest information.
  3. Make a list of influencers in your field. An influencer is One way to find these people is to go to Set up your account by connecting all your social media networks. Then click on “My topics.” For each area you are known for your expertise, there will be a sidebar on the far right listing leaders in that field. Follow these people in the social media. You can of the top influencers you are following so that you know who to retweet. You can also keep lists on your computer of key individuals in every social network.
  4. Co-teach live streaming events. Whether you use a video conference platform like or or you can create virtual meetings of like-minded people all over the globe. These video conferences can be recorded and saved on your respective websites and Youtube channels. This past month, my We created a Facebook event together, sent out newsletters to our tribes, invited our respective friends, then. I embedded the final video on my blog and on During the event, we asked for email addresses and gave away a copy of We told everybody about as well as
  5. Post articles about each other in your newsletters. Whether you use or or include articles from your friends in your newsletters with links back to their business websites,
  6. Create a Facebook group, Google+ community or LinkedIn group to encourage cross pollination.
  7. Co-write. Pick a specific topic and have each person write their thoughts on the subject. Then either put the articles together and post in one location or post on your respective websites.
  8. Set up a forum on your website to encourage your clients to ask questions and thereby generate content. Here at , we created a This is a great way to generate content for your website in a hurry because you allow your customers to ask the questions and you the webmaster publish the answers. This helps you in your search engine optimization (SEO) because Google will recognize you as an authority on your subject. You can either keep your forum private for paying customers OR make your forum open and available to everybody who logs in.
  9. Ask questions on your Facebook feed. You could either ask an innocuous question, such as, “How’s the weather in your neck of the woods today?” or ask questions about topics you need help with in your business, such as, “Does anybody know where I can find a good editor for my book?”
  10. Run a contest. The website for readers and authors But you can also create contests that you promote throughout your social networks and encourage audience participation.
  11. Create Youtube videos together. My good friend have created numerous videos together. She interviewed me about a We created videos together about the
  12. Interview each other on your respective blogs. If you have a friend who is a fellow author or in the same line of business, interview your friend on your blog and have your friend interview you on his or her blog.
  13. Review each other’s books, products and services. Create good karma by writing reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Every business has a place where you can leave a review. For example, Every business really benefits from positive reviews of their products and services. You can share these reviews on your social media networks to spread the good news.

Cocreating is like cross pollination. The news of your good work travels faster if you share it through the social networks of like-minded people. This is very smart social media strategy and ends up being great business as you build your audience faster than if you tried to do it all by yourself.

Want to learn more about how you can Win the Game of Social Media?

Putting all this together takes time and is part of creating a successful social media strategy.

We’ve got four ways for you to learn:

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