12 Principles of Success for Holistic Entrepreneurs


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Although I have an unusual profession — my main business is as a medical intuitive healer — and make less than the median household income you could say that I am conventionally successful in a highly unconventional career.

Without revealing my paycheck, retirement account or savings, I can attest to the fact that I am among the 20 percent of Americans who have no debt. My house is paid for, my 2008 Prius with over 108,000 miles on it is paid for. My biggest expense is my city of Atlanta property taxes.

I’m among the two-thirds of Americans fortunate enough to have saved for retirement. My investment advisors have recommended that I continue working until I’m 70, but that’s no hardship for me as I love what I do and I’m strong and healthy enough to do it.

I’m one of the 30 percent of Americans who do not take any prescription drugs and although I do have stress like everybody else, I’m the least-stressed working person I know.

People frequently hear that I run three businesses and worry that I must be highly stressed or overworked. Nothing could be further from the truth. I work out of my house and when I’m not seeing clients you could find me walking my dog Dixie in the nearby park or lying in my hammock writing books.

I have the work-life balance that many people have heard about but believe only exists momentarily on exotic vacations or in modern myth.

Believe me, neither my financial stability nor my mind-body wellness came without thought or effort.

When I was in my early 30s, I lost not just one but two jobs as a result of corporate downsizing. At one point, I lived on $90 a week in government unemployment checks.

In my early life, I was on lithium and antidepressants for 18 years. I got off all psychiatric medication at the age of 34 — not long after I recovered from my job losses.

So what is the mindset that has allowed me to create not just financial net worth but also physical and mental health while serving others?

Here are my 12 principles of success:

Financial success isn’t just a matter of earning a huge paycheck, just as mind-body wellness doesn’t only happen by taking loads of vitamins and supplements or exercising regularly.

What is healing? Healing happens when you, the healer/yoga teacher/qi gong or tai chi master/Reiki energy worker/ompreneur/holistic therapist/nutritionist/meditation teacher/relaxation expert, internalizes the mindset of success so that you can serve others while creating the space to enjoy your own life.

Photo above: View of my organic garden from my healing studio.



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Catherine Carrigan

Medical Intuitive Healer + Amazon №1 Bestselling Author + Host of the Natural Healing Show for UK Health Radio